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Alternative Acids for Alternative Cocktails (and minds!)

I'm always looking for #alternativeacids and whilst I usually play in the #malic / #tartaric route the last month or so I've been #OBSESSED with Chardonnay #vinegar in #cocktails.

Just a little dash of this glorious ingredient can make the perfect balance in what would be a normally sweet(er) cocktail.

TRISH HOUSE PUNCH (a riff on the popular Philadelphia Fish House Punch)

"Trish House Punch" (a fun little riff on a #FishHousePunch, sans #citrus of course!)

For @teamcocktailguru for @brandyweek#nyc #2018 1/2 oz @cognacmonnet

1/2 oz @mariebrizardusa #orange #liqueur

3/4 oz @giffard_liqueurs_syrups #peche

1 barspoon #champagne #vinegar

Finished with a discarded #lemontwist 3 dashes @peychaudsaperitivo #bitters Garnished with #edibleglitter #edibleflowers

I've found especially for larger events I've been utilizing more and more ingredients where a little goes a long way. It's just really hard to plan time to juice a case of limes/lemons or even get them at a reasonable price anymore. Lets be honest, sometimes when I'm ordering for the bar I've seen cases of limes for $96!!! #thriftybartender status achieved! I mean, YES you can utilize amazing juice companies made specifically for events and bartenders and I'm all for it if the cocktail requires citrus (especially these amazing mixers from Swig+Swallow). But WHY would I want to carry gallons of citrus juice in a cab on my way to the Upper West Side or Deeeeeep Brooklyn when I can carry one small bottle of vinegar to last me a whole night? Especially when you're looking at $15-$20 per half gallon of juice vs. a $10 bottle of vinegar.

It's also creating a ton of waste. I can't re-use the citrus juice when the event is over, because #oxidation. Unless the juice has preservatives; but I'm most likely not serving it. I also most likely want my breakdown to be as painless as possible, which means carrying as little as possible. It also means cleaning as little as possible. Shaking vs. Stirring? We all know which one is messier. Cleaning tins at a high volume event with a table that is a makeshift satellite bar? I don't think so. Plus, lets say I just brought a bunch of fruit and a juicer with me because I was rushing out of the house at an ungodly hour after closing the bar the night before #realtalk. Now: what am I doing with all of those husks? and pulp? and now I have to clean the juicer too AND carry it home?! Oy Vey! I mean, you can very well make a citrus stock like the lovely people at #TrashTiki do. But back to saving money: if I can take the train instead of a $30 Uber/Lyft home, I'm going to. #nycbartenderproblems

I'm really psyched with how this punch bowl came out and the presentation couldn't be more lovely.


Our delicious "Nikka Sumo Punch" for @sumostewbk AT @brooklynbrewery: 2 oz @nikkawhiskyeu @nikkawhiskyusa Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky

1.5 oz @senbirdtea Senbird #Sencha #Tea 1/4 oz #Lemon #Oliosacchrum 1/4 oz Red Panax #Ginseng 1/2 oz Wildflower #Honey 1 barspoon #chardonnay #vinegar Garnished with Edible Flowers and Edible Glitter

(P.S. Thanks for letting me have this opportunity Rose Robinson of Hotaling and Co.)

Finally, let's talk about #consistency. Where are we getting this juice? This fruit? What #season is it from? How ripe is it? How #sweet is it? How #sour is it? Is it all from the same #source? As a bartender, we all know that we taste our juice before every shift. Not just to make sure that it is still usable, but to note on our #palette how acidic it is so we can adjust every cocktail to make sure it's representing the cocktail menu to it's fullest capacity. If you're a featured #bartender designing cocktails for an event, wouldn't you want to make sure you (and your cocktail) are being represented in the highest capacity?

I also know these drinks were delectable, because so many people including Carrie told me so via Social Media. Thanks for the shout out Carrie!

Personally, I'm allergic to #citric acid. I think over the years I've created the smallest amount of resilience to it and can taste it for quality purposes, but why risk it? Thus, the inspiration and desire to create a delicious cocktail with alternative acids. Now I can imbibe with the rest of them and YOU! I hope you enjoyed my journey into playing with this amazing ingredient and look forward to you sharing your cocktails with me.

Don't forget our libations are made with 100% LOVE and 100% all natural ingredients

<3 Trish Rossiene

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